The largest PET plastic containers factory in the Middle East

The Best Plastic Container Factories “ABC Plast Plastic Containers”

ABC Plast for plastic containers has more than 11 years and one of the largest plastic container factories in the Middle East, with high quality production of containers in various shapes and sizes, and competitive prices when compared to the prices and quality of other companies. It also adheres to international production standards as well as deadlines. Delivery and forward contracts.

About ABC Plast, the largest PET plastic packaging company:

ABC Plast Company for Plastic Containers and Plastic Manufacturing enjoys an excellent strategic location, as the company is located in one of the most important and best industrial areas in Egypt, which is the city of Banha. It was founded more than 11 years ago and has worked to develop the plastic packaging blowing and injection industry to serve production in various sectors. Whether the local market or export abroad.

ABC Plast produces all suitable containers for companies specializing in packaging shampoos, cosmetics, detergents, food products and juices. The company constantly seeks to develop itself and use everything new in the field of packaging development. Therefore, our factory is equipped with the best and latest machines and scientific technologies that help improve operating efficiency. Production units and then achieve the desired industrial progress.

ABC Plast advantages:

  1. Relying on the latest technology and the latest machines.
  2. Using raw materials appropriate to the type of special containers required by each activity.
  3. Producing containers in multiple shapes, sizes and colors with the highest quality and efficiency that suit the specific use of each activity, whether commercial or otherwise.
  4. Producing multi-layer containers in different shapes and sizes that suit their purpose.
  5. Combining high experience, using high-quality raw materials, advanced production technology, and reasonable prices.
  6. Compliance with final delivery dates and term contracts.
  7. Adherence to international production standards, and the highest levels of safety for preserving liquids.

Plastic container factories for juice

ABC Plast Company for Plastic Containers is considered one of the leading companies in manufacturing packaging for food products, juices, and all types of food and beverages, relying on the highest levels of quality and safety to be truly distinctive packaging for distinct products.

Plastic container factories for detergents

The best and strongest designs, at the best price, and in different sizes, suitable for all purposes of detergent containers.

The largest factories for plastic containers for perfumes

The company also produces plastic containers for perfumes and liquid containers in various shapes and sizes, as well as flavorings, dairy product containers, spice containers, jams, halva, and others.

The largest plastic container factories for cosmetics

Our company produces a group of the best plastic containers for cosmetics in different sizes for all purposes, with the highest efficiency and the best price.

The largest plastic drug container factories

The ABC Plast factory is considered one of the most important plastic drug packaging factories in Egypt, as it manufactures cosmetics containers, personal care packages, hotel supplies packages, and chemical product packages, relying on the latest machines and advanced production technology. The factory uses raw materials that are compatible with the quality of plastic medication containers, with Know that the factory excels and excels under special supervision in a special type of medical space for this type of packaging, so that in the end the factory provides a product that is completely safe for human health and conforms to standard specifications.

The ABC Plast factory helps make the world a safe and livable place, through its high-quality products. The factory also offers the best innovations in the world of packaging, which will certainly help our customers achieve the desired success in marketing products and providing comprehensive solutions in diverse and attractive ways to consumers.

Company Policy

High efficiency in manufacturing containers and specialization in production. For example, we are famous for being one of the best companies specialized in producing containers for perfumes, detergents, cosmetics, and containers for special uses.

Company objectives

Providing a high quality product with attention to all the small details to suit the use. We produce hotel packages and packages for shampoos, creams, gels and cosmetics. Our company is unique in having special supervision in a special medical space for this type of packages in order to provide a factor of protection and safety.
The history of the establishment of the ABC Plast factory, the best factory specialized in the manufacture of containers and plastics in Egypt, is linked to the beginning of research and development operations related to the use of plastic materials for multi-layer containers and specialized containers for the juice sectors, as well as cosmetics, detergents, and plastic engineering tools specialized in commercial purposes for industrial applications before. Multiple years.

After conducting many studies and scientific research on the manufacture of plastic containers, many local industries within Egypt and the Middle East have turned to using plastic containers instead of glass and metal containers, taking into account the complete safety and security of the containers that we manufacture, and with the increase in the volume of sales of plastic containers for many industries. In various successful businesses, the volume of ABC Plast’s investments has increased by financing the purchase and modernization of its production lines, and the use of the best modern machines in the world, because quality and efficiency are the basic factors for its success. The company is also keen to train its workers and employees to use the best technology methods to exceed Industry standards using the finest internationally approved materials, and it is also keen to implement strict procedures for global quality control and benefit from the main systems of advanced industrial countries and modern technology, including injection technology.

Dear customers, welcome to the website The Best Plastic Container Factories in Egypt, which is a blog concerned with publishing news related to plastic container factories of various types, as well as providing special reviews of these factories and the machines that each factory uses in production, and their shapes, types and colors. And the sizes of plastic containers that the factory produces, and it is also interested in publishing all new videos related to this field.

We will now present to you the first of these posts entitled Plastic Container Factories in Egypt, in which we will discuss one of the most important, famous and largest companies specialized in manufacturing plastic containers in Egypt, which is ABC Plast Company for Plastic Containers and Plastic Industry, as the company offers PET plastic containers with the highest quality and lowest price. The company owns a huge factory in the city of Banha specialized in producing injection and blow molded plastic containers. The factory provides a variety of packaging for different Consumer goods, industrial products, soft drinks, chemical containers, solutions, honey jars, etc.

The factory provides raw materials in the form of a cylinder with small and wide depths made from polyethylene terephthalate and polypropylene.

Food plastic container factories

ABC Plast is one of the largest manufacturers of plastic containers for food and supplies packaging

Plastic manufactured by injection and blow molding. The company owns the largest factory in Egypt specializing in providing containers for a variety of consumer goods and industrial products

Address : Banha, Kilo 170, Cairo-Alexandria Agricultural Road


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